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Shenzhen strange sound electronic co., LTD


Shenzhen strange sound electronic co., LTD was established in 2005 in shenzhen, China. In huizhou in 2018 with independent industrial park, established in 2019, a subsidiary of: huizhou sound bully technology co., LTD., the same sound electronics co., LTD. Was established in Hong Kong. 2020 sales exceeded RMB 200 million. Sound operation center, located in shenzhen futian district.


YANMAI  Development course

  • 2005

    In march, which was created and registered in shenzhen futian district, electronic. In may, which was created and registered in Hong Kong Hong Kong digital pioneer electronics co., LTD.

  • 2008

    Launch network microphone

  • 2011

    Became the annual supplier of Pepsi, unified food, set to become the world university games volunteer association.

  • 2014

    Open the road of enterprise culture construction, present before promising change.

  • 2017

    In May 2017, become a new four equity trading center in shenzhen sea before board listed companies (listed code: 669213); October and November through ISO three system authentication; Obtain and national recognition of hi-tech enterprises in shenzhen city.

  • 2020

    Set up China's sound operation center (shenzhen); Set up offices in Malaysia; Production in shenzhen and huizhou huizhou sound industrial park to meet; Annual sales break through the $2.

  • 2023

    Set up a foreign investment and internal "dream" fund, deepening the reform of equity, motivate employee engagement, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, strive to implement the company's.

  • 2026

    Based on China, is famous in the world, do to huizhou, shenzhen, China and the world one hundred enterprises have to pay.

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